gitstats-ruby is a clone of written in ruby. It's written to support templates and should be easily extendable.

Secure backups using gpg

This is a very simple tutorial about how to create secure backups using dar (but you could as well use tar) and gpg.

Lowcost SDR - FM Radio

A few weeks ago I had the idea to implement a SDR using my Spartan3E Starter kit but I had one major problem: I needed a highspeed connection to my pc to make this work. So I decided to buy a FlashyD and a Xylo-L board from KNJN and a few weeks later I received the first radio waves of some local FM stations :).

LPC2138 devboard

Today I finally finished a project I already planed some time ago but didn't take the time to build yet. This is devboard contains a LPC2138 ARM processor (512KB flash + 32KB ram, up to 60MHz), an interface for a lcd display and one for a keyboard...


WiiTouch is a small collection of tools that allow you create a "touchscreen" out of an IR-Led put into a pen + a WiiMote.